Pure Water Window Cleaning proves effective

Tauranga franchisee Renier Pretorius cleans Tauranga Hospital the Pure Water way.
Tauranga franchisee Renier Pretorius cleans Tauranga Hospital the Pure Water way.

Pure Water Window Cleaning is becoming increasingly popular among businesses in Tauranga.

The service provides cost effective window cleaning solutions for buildings up to 4 stories high. Carbon fibre poles and pure water technology is used to clean external windows. Carbon fibre poles can to extend to 10 metres, which allow personnel to clean high windows from ground level without using ladders or lifting platforms.

Tauranga Regional Manager Jan Lichtwark says demand for the service in Tauranga is growing.

“The number of contracts has grown over the last three to four months. It is picking up which is great. The guys are doing a professional job. A number of calls have resulted from people seeing the guys at other premises doing a great job.”

Tauranga Pure Water Window Cleaning franchisee Renier Pretorius enjoys working outside.

“I like being outside and I like being my own boss that is why I decided to purchase a Pure Water Window Cleaning franchise,” he says. “There is so much flexibility with my job. I really enjoy what I do and I like making sure my customers are happy.”

Renier says there are a number of benefits having the outside of your premises cleaned with Pure Water.

“You don’t use any chemicals which makes it economical and environmentally friendly. It leaves a shine and repels water so you are not left with any watermarks. It looks great.”

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