A year on and they couldn’t be happier

Sameeta Kumar and Nischal Lal are delighted by their move to Nelson.
Sameeta Kumar and Nischal Lal are delighted by their move to Nelson.

Crest’s Move to the Regions Programme has really changed the lives of Sameeta Kumar and Nischal Lal for the better.

Since moving to Nelson from Auckland a year ago, Sameeta says they have been able to increase their business fourfold – and they also plan to purchase their first home soon.

“Moving out of Auckland with Crest has been the best decision of our lives! We have been given more opportunities than if we had stayed in Auckland.

“Living in Nelson is great, there is hardly any traffic or crime here and the people are laid back and friendly.

“We also love not having to use a dryer due to the sunny and dry climate here.

“The only thing that we miss about Auckland is our family but regular cheap flights through Grabaseat take care of that. We like the flexibility to schedule our own work, and our colleagues are supportive and understanding.

“To anybody thinking of relocating we say ‘just do it’, things always work out in the end.”

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