Former Air NZ engineer spreads his wings to become a specialist cleaner

CrestClean’s Dave Askin with staff at the New Zealand Blood Service in Wellington.
CrestClean’s Dave Askin with staff at the New Zealand Blood Service in Wellington.

A former aircraft engineer has landed a new role helping to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness for staff and users of the New Zealand Blood Service in Wellington.

Dave Askin is one of the CrestClean team members who have been providing extra cleaning and a specialist sanitising service at the organisation’s main centre.

He has been working alongside Rajiv Reddy, CrestClean’s Regional Manager Greater Wellington. The pair were called in at the start of the Alert Level 4 lockdown to carry out ongoing sanitising for a busy donor clinic.

For Dave the recent career change has been rewarding. Working at the donor clinic has been especially satisfying, he says.

“The staff are really good to work with and you meet new people each day.

“I know the staff here are really rapped with the way it’s going and having us here.

“Heaps of people who use the clinic have said ‘thanks’ as they leave and say what we are doing makes a big difference for them. It makes me feel good to know I’m doing my bit to make it safe for people.”

Rajiv says he’s also had good feedback. “Seeing a cleaner brings reassurance. They know that a professional is doing the cleaning. Dave has fitted in really well and his personality is a good fit for the job. He gets along with everyone and is outgoing and friendly.”

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