Church pastor achieves perfect work/life balance with CrestClean

Mountain and Pua Mauga are enjoying life living in the Far North of New Zealand.
Mountain and Pua Mauga are enjoying life living in the Far North of New Zealand.

Working for a CrestClean franchise owner in Auckland gave Mountain and Pua Mauga a taste of what it would be like to also be their own boss.

They loved the work so much they mapped out a future that included also becoming CrestClean business owners.

But rather than remain in New Zealand’s busiest city, the couple moved north and eventually purchased a CrestClean franchise in Whangarei.

As well as enjoying all the benefits of living in the city where the cost of living is much lower, moving to the Far North has enabled Mountain to take up a position as pastor of a local church that serves the Tuvaluan community.

They love the work/life balance and the slower pace of life compared with Auckland. “I get time with my family before I start work later in the afternoon,” says Mountain.

And Whangarei is a perfect place to live, he added. “We like living here very much. It’s very quiet and the people are really nice and friendly.”

CrestClean’s Regional Manager, Edward Irving, says since starting with the company last September the couple have shown a real commitment to their business.

“Mountain and Pua really go that extra mile to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers.

“To make sure they are happy with their work, they started visiting their customers’ sites to build trust and show that they care.

“They also enjoy meeting new customers and have started to visit each customer every fortnight during office hours to introduce themselves and see how the cleaning looks during the daytime. They are really committed to delivering the highest quality.”

The couple have set their sights on growing their business, and aim to expand into specialist areas of window cleaning and floor care, says Edward.

“Mountain and Pua have recently completed Pure Water Window training and this year aim to complete the Hard Floor Care course run by Master Cleaners Training Institute.”

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