Praise from college for diligence of …

Irene Symes, Rodney College Principal, thanks Francis and Teneaki Nawaia for their ... Read on >

Cleanest Classroom competition a win-win for …

Joy Pombo is popular with students as she hands out pizza at Ashburton Intermediate ... Read on >

Delight at CrestClean business owner’s …

Karthik and Jashma Naidu purchased a spacious Toyota Hiace when they started with ... Read on >

Principal becomes a school cleaner to …

School principal Justin Neal looks the part as he dresses up as a CrestClean cleaner. When ... Read on >

CrestClean team quick to help after …

Edward Irving and Kelvin Walker pitched in to help after a local school was vandalised. CrestClean’s ... Read on >

Switch of careers sees couple lead …

Kelly and Tim O’Leary. She’s stepped out of her principal’s shoes to focus ... Read on >

Citizenship another goal achieved for successful …

Barbora Opavova and Dominik Drahoninsky have become New Zealand Citizens. The photo ... Read on >

Coronavirus: How to keep workplaces virus-free

Sanitising touch surfaces helps keep germs at bay. CrestClean has produced a special ... Read on >

Athlete’s surprise visit a highlight …

Sam O’Dea with students Cassidy Cooper, Layla McKinstry, Coco Edwards and Alpha ... Read on >

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