100% of CrestClean personnel complete new Health …

CrestClean is proud to have reached an important milestone, with 100% of its ... Read on >

Magazine pages.

“Substandard” cleaning at MIQ hotel concerns …

Master Cleaners Training Institute General Manager Liezl Foxcroft. Liezl Foxcroft, ... Read on >

Certificate presentation.

Introducing Sharon Churchill… ‘AT’

Sharon Churchill is presented with her certificate by Joe Consedine, CA ANZ General ... Read on >

Annual team meetings enjoyed by CrestClean …

The importance of working together has been highlighted at CrestClean’s annual ... Read on >

Kids enjoy a tasty treat for …

A tasty treat was on the cards for students at Hastings Christian School – courtesy ... Read on >

CrestClean Invercargill’s newest hard floor …

Friday 13 November, 2020 Franchisees Johnny Phan, Alamdeep Singh, Willie Jabonitalla, ... Read on >

CrestClean sponsored team has success at …

Cesar Rogacion and his sponsored CrestClean team celebrate after winning the tournament. A ... Read on >

From part-time rest home carer to …

As a carer in a rest home, single mum Mel Fearn knew in her heart that to get ahead ... Read on >

Gym membership cancelled as cleaning is …

Karamjit Kaur receives a long service award from CrestClean’s Managing Director ... Read on >

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