Sam offers a one-stop shop for company’s specialist services

Pure water windows wash CrestClean Palmerston North
Pure Water Window Cleaning leaves windows gleaming and free of streaking or water spots

There’s no mistaking the trio of specialist service offered by CrestClean’s Sam Talwar.

Thanks to the messaging carried by distinctive new branding on his van, Sam has been busier than ever. An expert in Pure Water Window Cleaning, his competence and skillset also extends to Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, and Hard Floor Care.

Shareen Raj, CrestClean’s Palmerston North / Kāpiti Coast Regional Manager, says with summer fast approaching there’s been a renewed demand for Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Using a high-tech water filtration unit, which removes all solids from water, the system produces outstanding results using only pure water to remove dirt and grime from windows. Utilising the latest carbon fibre extendable poles, windows up to 4 storeys are within easy reach.

Pure water windows CrestClean Palmerston North
Sam Talwar is an expert in delivering specialist cleaning services.

“Customers have been very interested in checking it out and are surprised when they see the results,” says Shareen. “A major appeal is that no chemicals are used with Pure Water Window Cleaning and the results are windows that are gleaming and free of streaking or water spots.

“As there are no detergents or harmful chemicals involved in the cleaning, it’s economical and also environmentally responsible.”

Sam’s carpet cleaning skills have also been in demand. In particular Palmerston North businesses have been rushing to book a spring clean of their office floors.

“We take before and after shots to show the customer the difference,” says Shareen. “People often do not realise how much dirt will build up in a carpet, particularly over winter.”

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